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Your partner into the Middle East retail market.

Featured Products

TINT Silicone
MagSafe Case

Slim, Light, and Easy to Grip cases with built-in magnets that align perfectly with your iPhone.

83W Powerful Car Charger

Super Fast Dual port Car charger, stay powered even while on the go.

Soft Case 3m Anti Shock
Made in France

Designed with anti-shock and button protection. Made with 70% recycled material.

Our Partners

The brands that we represent and many more to come.

Brands Section

exceptional selection of the world’s best mobile smart products.

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a camera inspired by the human eye,

and powered by your imagination.

stunningly crafted mobile accessories,

designed to inspire you.

premium and most durable smart accessories made by muvit.

everyday essentials

always at the best value

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Global brand of fashionable cases and accessories that represents confidence, and all those who embrace and celebrate their unique selves. 

muvit for change are made with organic and recycled accessories offering 100% eco-friendly products.

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Innovative technology with contemporary design and style for today's mobile computing devices.

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Adding tech to their range of lifestyle products, Diesel joins the true wireless earbuds game!

with shadow-04.png
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It's time to HANDL it.

Never Drop Your Phone Again.

Consumer electronics accessories that make life easier and help you get the most from the devices you use every day.

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Ultra lightweight design that sits comfortably on the face and feature an all-over UVA and UVB coating.



We are Lime Concepts, a passionate team dedicated to bringing creative tech-accessories and lifestyle products to the middle east that help transform people's lives. We believe you are more likely to reach your goals if you're encouraged to have fun, smile, and feel empowered.

We pride ourselves on making a difference, be it to our customers, or our very own employees.


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Work with us

Interested in joining the Lime Concepts Team?

If you want to work long and hard in a fun and creative environment, then write to us at


We have some basic advice for you. Please avoid clichéd cover letters. Keep it straight and simple with uncomplicated words. ‘Thesaurus skills’ are not part of the hiring criteria.


We at Lime Concepts believe interns are an integral part of our team.

We love fresh ideas and a new perspective on things. If you are interested in an Internship, send us your CV at and we will try to find a place for you. We expect you to be:

• Living in the United Arab Emirates.
• Interested in all things marketing.
• Open to working in any department.
• Lost and confused about what you actually want to do.
• Above everything we expect you to be sincere, honest, and hardworking.

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